Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The imperial presidency

Eric Cantor and the GOP take clear aim at how Obama's running the country. A report they issued on Tuesday starts off like this:
Over the past several months opinion pieces appearing in such places as The Washington Post, National Review, and The Wall Street Journal have talked about the emergence of an “Imperial Presidency.” While some may wish to simply chalk this up to partisan criticism of the incumbent President, even The New York Times in a recent A1 article examined “an increasingly deliberate pattern by the administration to circumvent lawmakers…” 
Less noticed, but perhaps even more important – especially to the over 20 million Americans currently out of work or underemployed – is the link between a breakdown in the rule of law and reduced economic growth and individual prosperity.
Plenty more to read at the link. But if you're in a hurry...

TheHill.com's summation can be found here.  Newsmax also has a tell of the story here.

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