Tuesday, October 2, 2012

USDA wants at-home re-education to help quell school lunch resistance

The new school lunches inspired and directed by Mrs. Obama are so bad, kids are dumping the food and either going hungry or students bring their own edible substitutes. At the very least, kids are steering to older favorites still on the menu, if and when available.

The USDA, the government agency that oversees school lunches, sees there's a problem.

But in the eyes of the USDA, the problem isn't necessarily with the lunches, it's with the re-education process. The USDA advises  parents to do more to help mold their kids to the will of the state:
We recommend reviewing school menus with kids at home and working to incorporate foods that are being served at school into family meals as much as possible. In many schools, parents are working through their Parent-Teacher Associations to take a lead role in helping kids adjust.
The USDA now wants parents to force feed the same kind of stuff at home that their kids won't eat at school. Market place rules don't apply here. The government wants dietary submission at school - and now at home.

Healthier eating is a good idea. But cramming the idea down kids throats as a government mandate isn't going to make anything better.

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