Friday, November 9, 2012

A more practical political snapshot

Mr. Obama's reelection was hardly a national mandate for his policies or priorities.

Washington Post has an interactive map giving county-by-county
election breakdown
He may have mesmerized the urban centers and select progressive blue zones.

But Red State-Blue State comparisons don't break things down far enough to be a practical snap shot of who people are and how they voted.

When you look at a county by county  breakdown of who voted Romney versus who voted Obama, it's Republicans who have the  geographical advantage.

It you want to push back against the Obama team's progressive push, put more emphasis on local and state politics. Encourage you local governments to push back against Washington's overreach.

And keep tabs on your local congressional represenative too. Encourage them to remain true to traditional American ideals. Those serving in "red zone" districts will be far less motivated to go with the flow of the Obama regime. And the House has tremendous clout with its powers over the budget.

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