Tuesday, November 13, 2012

But seriously, people...

Is anyone really taking the secession petitions literally?

Yes, I'm cheering them on. But at the same time, I don't think the State of the Union has fallen that  far. At least not yet (Though we seem to be drawing closer at an ever escalating pace).

I see the petitions not so much about secession, but as a starting point in push back against outrageous, unsustainable levels of federal overreach. They convey that Americans who revere the nation's founding principles won't be satisfied with just token gestures of compromise as Statists destroy the nation's remaining remnants of liberty and economic vitality.

And I don't see secessionist petitions as any more over the top than Obama's articulated contempt for the Supreme Court as he's expressed it on at least a couple of occasions in recent years. Or a president who openly uses executive orders and bureaucratic regulation as a way around the Congress.

Those in conservative or libertarian circles who steadfastly denounce the petitions remind me a bit of Chicken Little. They say these petitions are absolutely crazy. They seem to fret these secessionist petitions will trigger a falling sky... or something.

Yet campy click-to-post petitions on a White House website don't pose near the risk to the republic as mountains of debt, ever growing hurdles of regulation, and an economy floundering under the manipulation of central planners.

Is silently following along as an intact 50 state nation darts headlong toward a fiscal (or some other) abyss any less obscene than symbolic talk of letting some states break off before a collective national demise?

I hate it when those who profess a love of liberty think small, and leave big government Leftists to frame the conversation of what's on the table. Yes, choose your battles wisely. But shake off the bias of normalcy in making your evaluations. These are not normal times.

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