Monday, November 26, 2012

Gun and ammo sales remain hot

The Kansas City Star takes note:
Demand for guns is nothing new in
America. A government photo shows
the gun counter at Sears in Syracuse,
NY was packed in October 1941
Gun and ammo sales locally are on the rise -- about twice as high as they were this time last year -- even though sales can't match the mad rush that cleared out many gun stores after Obama was elected in 2008. 
Weapon and ammunition shortages could be on the horizon if gun lovers keep up this pace.
The Houston Chronicle also provides anecdotal evidence of a post-election up-tick. But the Chronicle notes some  Houston area gun dealers now have policies of not speaking to the media.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports computer glitches prevented some Black Friday gun sales from taking place in Maine. Apparently the government's instant background checker couldn't handle the high number of requests coming in.

If you hear of other states having gun sales blocked by government computers crashing, let us know.

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