Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NPR: Evangelical Christianity caused America's Civil War

If you listened to NPR's Morning Edition today, you would have received this bit of commentary under the guise of a book review:
...There didn't need to be war to solve the problem of slavery and the union. What he felt drove the nation to war was the sort of exponential growth in both the north and the south of evangelical Christianity.
The review also seems to set the stage for blaming evangelical Christians for the divide in today's America as well.


  1. Without the evangelical Christians, the blacks could have just been left in slavery with the Dems in control indefinitely. Also, it would have saved the Dems all the trouble of having to round the blacks back up onto the leftist plantation.

    And hell yes, it is all that hectoring from the pulpit right now about good and evil that is making it difficult for the tyrannical leftist Dems to gain total control now.

  2. Must be Dem talking points out there. New York Times also sees evangelicals as a driving force for civil war.