Monday, November 12, 2012

Republicans are such slackers

Why can't counties with Republican election officials generate the kind of participation Democrats do?

Chew on these election results from St. Lucie County, Florida.

Okay, I'll ditch the sarcasm.

Now explain to me why the Justice Department hasn't rolled a task force seeking an explanation for precinct turnouts exceeding 100 percent?

How many other localities would show discrepancies like this - if only someone would bother to check?

Why is there not outrage from coast to coast?

Update: Is this an explanation for the St. Lucie phenomenon?

If  two cards per voter due to a too long ballot are all that's a work here, the elections supervisor should have had some clue. If the two card explanation is legit, she's certifiably incompetent if only for her lack of credible explanation when first asked about impossibly high turnout stats.

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