Sunday, November 11, 2012

Turning local collapse into a national phenomenon

Murder is way up in Chicago.  But the numbers of police officers is way down. And dropping fast.

More cops with enough time in are getting out in record numbers.  And the city's not replacing them, according to a story published last week in the Chicago Sun Times

The Sun Times said Chicago's Fraternal Order of Police estimates a record-breaking 580 cops will retired this year. And so far, the city's only hired 190 to replace them.

No, the answer is not fund local cops with federal grants.

The cities are a mess. And getting worse. And yet, large concentrations of voters living there have enough sway over national politics, allowing Democrats to roll out the policies that are destroying the cities on an even wider scale.

Yup. The national cancer is growing.

Last week's election chose not to fight that cancer, but to feed it.

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