Thursday, December 6, 2012

A pattern of abuse

He's told us every time that what he's doing will make things better...

But what do the results of his policies look like?

Image source: The People's Cube

The potential for higher taxes and increased costs of doing business in the private sector as the result of more regulation are taking a toll. A Wells Fargo-Gallup survey shows more American small businesses plan to cut jobs in 2013, not add them:
The 14% of small-business owners who in November reported increasing their company hiring over the past 12 months is unchanged from July. However, the 26% reporting a decrease in the number of job positions at their businesses over the past 12 months is up from 21% in July, and is the highest level since November 2010. Small-business owners' self-reported hiring suggests deteriorating job growth over the past year, but not nearly as severe a decline as is implied by owners' hiring expectations for the next 12 months.
The election's over. Now the honeymoon may already be coming to an end. There are many signs things in America are going to be getting worse before they get better. And many of those about to get hit the hardest are the ones who were most vehement in backing the president's reelection.

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