Thursday, December 20, 2012

Did they goof big time?

Online gun and gun accessory seller Cheaper Than Dirt posted that it has suspended online gun sales post-Newton to allow review of of its internal policies. The Blaze has a rundown of Cheaper's website updates and customer reaction.

Did Cheaper try to be politically correct in the biz where the customers aren't?

If they'd been smart, they could have simply said they'd sold beyond their immediate capacity to fill orders, and had suspended online sales until they caught up with those already placed. They tried to suggest that on one of their updates. But by that point, it appears the damage had been done.

I might see this differently if we later learn the review was the result of some kind of ATF inquiry. Or if Cheaper discloses it was out of compliance on some specific law or regulation. But as long as the company appears to simply be waffling, I'll shop elsewhere.

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