Monday, December 3, 2012

How many "new" guns are really out there?

Originally posted January 8, 2012

Over the holidays, there was plenty of reporting that U.S. gun sales were breaking past records.

The reports were based on background checks required for retail purchases, often with a focus of the reports being new guns going into new hands. But that's likely just part of the story as Americans re-embrace their fondness for firearms.

I saw an ad today pitching repair services for a long out-of-production pistol. The ad provoked a thought. With the new wave of gun popularity, people are likely digging into closets or attics, and pulling out legacy firearms that belonged to dad or granddad. Many of these guns haven't been fired (or even cleaned) in years.

There's no way to track how many older firearms are being cleaned up and put back in service within a family for either recreation or personal protection.

If you've found an old family heirloom shootin' iron, and have considered putting it to some use, check the weapon thoroughly before firing it. If you're not knowledgeable, find someone who is.

Ad from a Boy Scout Handbook, 1951 printing

I remember well the firearms belonging to family and extended family that I learned to shoot with. Few things please me more than to see legacy firearms cleaned up, checked out, and once again providing another generation with years of shooting. This is especially true when the owner knows a firearm's history. They're more than guns. They're part of a family heritage that may extend well into the future.

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