Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Lodging in Collinsville"

Who knew police officers like to "train" their drug dogs in random hotel parking lots?

The short film "Lodging in Collinsville" documents at least one who says he does.
While testifying under oath, Officer Michael Reichert admits to planting drugs or drug scents on cars in hotel parking lots for K9 "training" without notifying the owners. He then lets unsuspecting motorists drive away with drug scents still on their vehicles. Drug sniffing K9s can detect drug odors for hours...

Radley Balko at Huffington Post has written about the film. And the officer.

So has William Grigg at Pro Liberate.

Government uses more than taxes to separate its citizens from their assets. There's also the slippery slope tactic of civil forfeiture.

Be careful out there.

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