Sunday, December 16, 2012

Overlooked in national media

A jammed rifle and a silent challenge by an armed civilian are what preceded the suicidal end to last week's mall shooting in Portland, Oregon. Nick Meli says he saw the gunman trying to clear his jammed rifle. Meli pulled his own gun, but couldn't get a clear shot at the gunman. Still, Meli tells KGW TV he knows he made a difference:
"I'm not beating myself up cause I didn't shoot him," said Meli.  "I know after he saw me, I think the last shot he fired was the one he used on himself."
Armed civilians have successfully intervened in breaking up attacks by armed criminals. Even in mass shooting situations. But these interventions are far less likely when shootings take place in so-called gun free zones.

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  1. It always amazes me the hubris of our enemies to offer advice on how America should conduct her internal affairs.

    Similarly the American left has the hubris to advise Republicans to change so as to be more like them.

    In both cases, the true intent is to cause weakness that makes defeating the opponent easier.