Saturday, December 29, 2012

The first Sandy Hook lawsuit is in the works

Gun-free schools are apparently not enough. Warning-free schools may be next.

Sure, part of the mayhem was transmitted over the PA system. But so were warnings (including the mayhem itself), giving teachers real time information in time to take as much defensive action as possible.

How many lives were saved by the warnings? It's even possible the PA broadcast may have distracted the killer, slowing or shortening his engagement. 

Would those behind this intended lawsuit have preferred the kids and teachers at Sandy Hook not know what was unfolding until they were confronted by the gunman face-to-face? Do they seek restrictions on how schools are allowed to give warnings in future life-threatening situations?

God only knows how much longer and deadlier the attack at Sandy Hook might have been had those speakers not been in place - and used for their intended purpose.

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