Saturday, January 12, 2013

Guns still hot

In a store a short time ago. Line twelve deep waiting for service at the gun counter. Pistol ammo all but wiped out except for some .45 acp, and a half dozen boxes of .32 caliber stuff.

They still had a few boxes of .357 Magnum on the shelf - if you didn't mind paying a buck-39 per round and up.

Cleaning supplies looked picked over too. No more Hoppes #9 on the shelf.  Perhaps a sign people who are buying guns are learning to use 'em and clean 'em.

By the way, if you know someone who thinks everything is hunky-dory, take 'em for a stroll down a sporting goods ammo aisle. Let 'em see the bare shelves and watch the people picking over what's left. Then suggest to your friend that food could be next.

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