Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guns store smash and grab in Gwinnett

What are the chances firearms stolen from a Gwinnett County, Georgia gun store are on their way to Mexico? Cops say it's possible they may already be there.

From WSB-TV:
Police said thieves smashed through the front of the Big Gun Armory on Saturday morning and within minutes, made off with more than 40 guns. 
Last September, thieves drove a stolen truck right through the Buck N' Bass in Buford. They made off with more than 30 guns, including some high-powered assault weapons... 
Police said it's possible many of handguns and shotguns have already crossed the border into Mexico.
Gwinnett and other parts of the Atlanta metro have long been infiltrated by Mexican cartels. If cartel couriers are bringing drugs in from Mexco, it seems simple enough for others to do the reverse with a load of hot guns.

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