Saturday, January 12, 2013

Own a funky caliber firearm?

If you own a gun that shoots an older odd-ball cartridge, you may want to build a stash of the stuff if you can still find it.

I was some S&W Long .32s today. And even a box of .38 S&W in a store. Made me think.

These older, less popular rounds are still on the shelf because (drum roll), they fit less popular guns.

But when existing stocks are deleted, it may be a long, long time before ammo makers make time to do another run. Production's gonna be tied up a long time fulfilling existing backorders and restocking warehouses. Production capacity's going to prioritize the most popular rounds before restocking obscure stuff.

One more related observation, I haven't seen any .22 Long Rifle ammo in retail stores since before Christmas. And some online sellers have stopped taking back orders.

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