Monday, January 28, 2013

So what does disarmament accomplish?

New York Daily News features a first person account of a scholar who says he used his shotgun to scare away a burglar. And this scholar was so unnerved by the experience of prevailing (with no one hurt), that he shed himself of arms - vowing never to put himself in that kind of situation again.

If he hadn't had the shotgun, would he even be here to brag of his self-professed anti-gun enlightenment?

Does this guy think bad guys will steer clear of him because he's chosen to deny himself a means of resistance or defense?

As a young man, I too once reached for a gun. My wife and I heard a ruckus at the back door of our third floor apartment in downtown Portsmouth, Virginia. While she called police, I grabbed my Ruger 10/22 rifle, the only firearm I owned. I inserted the loaded magazine, pulled the bolt, putting a round in the chamber.

I had no intention of opening the door, but wanted to be ready if the fight outside came crashing through. Then I heard a scream from the woman who lived next door. Armed only with a broom, she'd opened her door and attempted to break up the fight.

By the time I opened my door, the two bloody guys had apparently suspended their altercation and were facing my neighbor. At least one had a knife. But the sight of a rifle sent them into full retreat down the stairs.

Never felt better about having a gun when it was over. But I also decided I wanted something more appropriate should such a situation ever happen again. So I picked up a used 12 gauge shotgun not long after.

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