Thursday, January 3, 2013

What caused soft December retail sales?

The Wall Street Journal reports December sales were soft at retailers, making for a mixed holiday season. The survey followed mainline retailers like Costco, Target, the Gap, and others. The Journal article suggests worries over the Fiscal Cliff might have been a contributing factor.

But the article doesn't mention record breaking gun sales the same month.

If retailers tracked in the survey want someone to blame for sluggish sales, blame Dianne Feinstein and Barack Obama and the shift in consumer priorities they triggered with their emotional and alarmist calls for  gun bans.

The FBI carried out a whopping 2.78 million background checks last month. A typical AR was selling for between $800 to $1200 back then. Some gun types sold for more, others for less.

Let's make some raw assumptions. First, assume one gun was purchased with each background check (some applicants may have been denied, but many others may have bought multiple guns).  Second, assume an average purchase price of, for the sake of demonstration, $500.  These figures would add up to $1.39 Billion in gun sales. And that's not including mags and ammo sold.

A bunch of that money would have been spent on other Christmas items if gun-grabbing grinches had minded their own business and kept their mouths shut.

If overall holiday sales were soft, take a hard look at the gun control media blitz for shifting consumer priorities. There was nothing soft about gun and ammo sales in December.

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