Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's the obsession with sports talk radio

As I read media blogs, I see more radio stations are moving to sports talk formats. As I drive around the region, I hear the trend for myself. Legacy Atlanta talker WGST went away a couple months back. Clear Channel replaced the likes of Rush and Beck with a Spanish language sports line-up.

In Orlando a couple of weeks ago, the talk stations there were running sports shows overnight. I couldn't find a single issues or political show within range.

It the news/talk format suffering? Is sports really more popular? Or are operators steering away from news/talk to avoid political controversy and entanglements.

In my younger days, I had some overnight DJ jobs. But never got to do over all night-time talk radio. With so much going on politically, I think it would be a blast to revive an all night issues talk show. But I've also noted that most shows on late night radio are either pre-recorded, syndicated, and often both.

For the time being, I'll keep practicing the talk radio craft online. Don Dickinson do a show on Fridays, and leave it up and in replay until the following show. Check us out if you like at

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