Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A "new" old bike

We piled a load of old stuff into the minivan for a run to Goodwill on Saturday. But once there, we couldn't resist going inside to look around.

I'm not sure who's eye it caught first, mine or my 11 year old daughter's, but we spotted a bike near the front of the store. It was an oldie. A Huffy 10 speed with 24 inch wheels that looks to be from the late '70s or early '80s. No "Made in China" label, just one that says "Huffy" then "Dayton, Ohio."

I'd call our find in near showroom condition. The tires look original, gum walls and all. The brake pads show no sign of wear.

Okay. I was hooked. We brought it home for about forty bucks.

Amazingly, the tires hold air. The gear changers are properly adjusted. The only thing that needs attention are the brakes: The pads are so old the rubber's gone hard. A new set of original style pads are on the way via eBay.

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