Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Insatiable ammo appetites

December's talk of gun grabbing ignited a panic that hasn't subsided. And it looks to me like  ammunition may be selling as fast or faster than it was even a week or two ago. And much faster than when the gun control alarm was first sounded.

Around 11:40 am,  I received an email alert from an online ammo seller stating that it was offering a small supply of Speer Lawman brand 9mm ammo. The advisory also stated:
only 200 boxes of this available and 204 email notifications are going out, it will probably be sold out by the time yo read this email
Over 40 minutes later, I still had trouble accessing the seller's site:  Too many people trying to get in at once are causing guys like me to be shut out. I did manage to get in once. They were right, the ammo's long gone.

I'm not looking to buy. Just digging to see how much and how often stuff pops up, and how long it takes before its gone.

Until a couple weeks ago, getting ammo at relatively obscure, indy sellers could be done with regularity.  Windows of opportunity might last from 30 minutes to a couple hours. But as more sellers offer email alert functions, or have their sites scanned by ammo-seeking bots, you gotta move even faster if you're looking to score at prices near what would have been considered normal just two or three months ago.

And yes, if you want to pay three to five times as much for premium ammo, you can find that stuff without much trouble. So it's not total panic in the current buying. There are price points where demand drops significantly.

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