Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lecturing the witness on a woman's right to choose

Imagine a white male politician lecturing a woman, saying government has the power to limit her choice of contraception, or access to abortion. The dude would be blasted by progressives as a throwback, who seeks to limit the woman's well being by withholding health care - perhaps life saving - options.

Wednesday, a white male progressive Democrat chose to lecture a woman over her right to choose.  Not over contraception, but over a woman's right to choose a self defense firearm that best suits her needs. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) told conservative women's activist Gayle Trotter women have no need for firearms that hold more than ten rounds, though at times Whitehouse seemed confused over how firearms work, or at least the terminology used to describe them.

Trotter's counter points were good ones. Why should a woman, who may be holding a small child or trying to call 911 while fending off an attacker, be forced to use a gun that may require reloading (or at least more frequent reloading).

Has Whitehouse ever tried to use a Remington 870 pump shotgun with an infant or a cellphone in one hand? Has he ever even held an 870? The 870 is not semi-automatic, you have to use two hands to chamber each round. Why does Whitehouse insist a gun where you'd have to drop your child, and use two hands to chamber each round, and use two hands to get a steady shot, is the perfect self defense gun for a petite mom?

The perfect self defense gun for one person may not be a match for someone else. A lot of variables can hold sway over personal choice. Politicians, especially politicians who have no clue about firearms, need to butt out on telling us what we can or can't have to protect our own lives and families.

Additional reading: Huffington Post reported on Trotter's testimony.

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