Thursday, February 14, 2013

Michigan gun control poll

A poll in the Detroit Free Press reflects opposition to President Obama's push for new gun control laws.

The poll shows only 42 percent of Michiganders support changes in current law as presented by the president. 

But the Free Press graphic reports the poll, conducted by Epic-MRA, shows support for aspects of the president's wish list.

I suspect the phrasing of questions that elicited support for gun control brought the responses they did due to bias or ignorance of the to their phrasing. For instance, the gun show question seems especially flawed.

Detroit Free Press
The question asked: 
Do you favor or oppose a low that would require background checks before anyone, including gun dealers could buy gun at gun shows?
Eighty-six percent of those responding answered in the affirmative.

Backgrounds checks are already required for buyers who purchase from a licensed dealer - at a gun show or anywhere else. And does the pollster suggest a licensed gun dealer be required to undergo a background check for every firearm they purchase to re-sell? Licensed dealers are already heavily screened and regulated, and must keep a detailed log of every firearm they buy or sell.

And new background checks proposed by the administration reach far beyond the confines of gun shows. They would also require checks (prior federal permission) before guns could be sold between friends or other private parties. Based on how it's been described, the proposed call for wider checks would also required federal screening before a family's legacy firearm could be passed down to child or grandchild as a gift. 

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