Thursday, February 28, 2013

Operation Mountain Standard

"Flooding Colorado with firearm magazines."

From Max Slowik at
Upon hearing the now-confirmed rumors that Magpul will flood Colorado with magazines before any legislation will be voted on, the redditors started their own campaign to round up magazines from around the country and ship them to Colorado, where they will be given away to people who make a donation to the state’s gun rights organization, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.
The project is getting MSM attention including a newspaper article picked up by the Denver

"We recognize that the current Colorado legislative body is most likely going to pass what we feel are constitutionally infringing laws soon," (organizer Savant) Suykerbuyk said. "We want to get as many of these magazines that will be banned into Colorado gun owners' hands as possible, thereby grandfathering them if/when such a ban is enacted."
Operation Mountain Standard also has a Facebook page.

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