Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Just one chunk out this week's offering from Ol' Remus:
DC has separated itself from the people, and it shows. Public funds equal to that which built the interstate simply disappear with nothing in return. Literally nothing. While the populace is being relieved of firearms it "doesn't need" even the Department of Education has its own SWAT-style police units. Surveillance once used against gangsters and foreign agents is now used against shoe salesmen and librarians. The unalienable rights DC is charged with defending have become grounds for prosecution . DC has grown fond of writing laws in secret and enacting them in the middle of the night. They get away with this because they've created a favored client-electorate using corrupt dispensations, and they aren't the voters who work hard, live responsibly and stay right with the law. When Americans speak of "the government"—what used to be our government—they mean our would-be masters in DC and their captive electorate, the activist misfits who run their agencies and schools, and their fawning news media.

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