Monday, February 4, 2013

Yee-haw! It's a cattle drive!

James Howard Kunstler hits one out of the park this morning.
How hilarious is the Federal Reserve's cattle drive of cash money (i.e. "liquidity") into the stock markets? I'll tell you: if that cash is outflow from bonds that pay ZIRP interest rates, then this attempt to stampede investment into the stock market is only going to succeed in ravaging the bond market and by extension the credibility of the dollar, the US banking cartel, and then the world financial system as a whole... 
 This cattle drive into stocks is strictly a political gambit. The cattle are being driven to the slaughterhouse. It's discretionary strategic national financial suicide...
I continue to see more empty retail space in the strip centers near me. Other stores are open fewer hours. A few new homes are being built, but other older ones have sat empty for years. There's a huge disconnect between the story being spun on Wall Street and the stories being played out on Main Street. And I think people are noticing more than the mainstream media lets on.

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