Saturday, March 9, 2013

This weekend's gun show notes

I spent about an hour walking through the gun show at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds this morning. It came darn close to having a feel of pre-panic normalcy.

A broad selection of guns was available, though I didn't check prices closely.

Attendance seemed well above what I've seen previously at this show. Business was brisk at some tables, but there also didn't seem to be big sense of urgency among those browsing the wares.

Ammunition was available including 9mm at prices ranging from $19 to $30 for box of 50 plinker type rounds. A couple of sellers had 500 round offerings of .22LR at prices ranging from $55 to $69.

Composite mags for ARs were selling for $20 to $25, but they didn't seem to be drawing a lot of interest.

I went to the show specifically looking to price reloading components, but didn't see any booths specializing in reloading lines. One firearms dealer did have some match grade large rifle and small pistol primers. But at $99 for a box of a thousand, I passed. I didn't see where any vendors had powder or bullets displayed.

I got into the show shortly after 10 am (no line), and departed just after 11, so my observations are from early in the show. I wasn't there long enough to gauge how well product inventory would hold up through the day.

This was probably the smaller of two Atlanta area gun shows this weekend. An Eastman show is taking place in Marietta.

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