Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Connecticut gun insurance plan falling flat

Few have rallied behind a proposed Connecticut state requiring special liability policies for gun owners. Most folks find the idea absurd.

The Day, based in New London, reports today on a recent public hearing. Its report says, in part:
A representative for the insurance industry said accidents due to firearms are already covered under homeowner's or renter's insurance. The insurance industry would not cover intentional, willful or criminal acts, said Susan Giacalone, counsel for the Insurance Association of Connecticut. 
According to the bill, someone would need to obtain self-defense insurance to provide coverage for civil and criminal defense costs in the event the person used a firearm in self-defense. If gun owners did not maintain this insurance, according to the bill, they would be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. 
"To me, that is one of the most egregious parts of this bill," said state Rep. Rob Sampson, R-Wolcott. "That we are going to require people to have insurance for their actions in self-defense."
Special insurance needed for self defense with a gun? Someone could just as easily get sued for using a baseball bat, a machete or a frying pan.

Requiring special gun liability and self-defense insurance is just an attempt to create another hurdle to firearms ownership. Call it out for what it is: A very bad idea.

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