Saturday, March 16, 2013

So, when should we start to fret and worry?

"You see in the end we'll win. We will win for the same reasons we have won before; because our cause is just and it is right." - Mitt Romney at CPAC

This one's been buggin' me for a day now.

Romney speaks like his naivete remains intact despite the bruising he took in November. 

We have four more years of Obama-induced destruction because the GOP indulged Romney in a presidential bid that wasn't fought to win.

Losing wouldn't have been so bad if the Republican campaign effort had helped restore the party's base, energized conservatives, and left Republicans with a sense of purpose. 

Naw, we got Romney. And now he bears a message that sounds way too close to "don't worry,  be happy."

It's kinda like that Sean Hannity slogan, "Let not your heart be troubled."

It bugs me too.

If conservatives would quit brushing off the dire straits we're in, something might get done to actually turn things around.

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