Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday's (March 29) radio show

Don and I are back to 1:00 pm EDT this week. Looking forward to Friday's show on

What does Joe Biden mean when he says an assault weapons ban and universal background checks are just the beginning?

Have you seen Mike Bloomberg's false flag Fudd hunter commercials running on local TV? They're popping up here in Atlanta. 

And the S&P hit an all time high this week. Really. But are there economic fundamentals to justify it, or is Ben Bernanke's easy money blowing a bubble that's going to burst louder and wider than housing did?

We go live at one o'clock Friday, March 29. Join us then if you can, or catch a replay later. 

Update: Program's done, in the can. First hour discussed the gun control push, and the disingenuous tactics used to move it forward. Later in the show, we also ponder whether DHS bought near the ammo some say it has. Final half hour considers the latest on Cyprus, perhaps some steps folks can take to prep in case something similar happens here.

The show's available from start to finish by clicking here

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