Monday, March 25, 2013

Is the current ammo shortage really such a shocker?

Even the MSM now realizes some saw it coming. While the current ammo shortage took many by surprise, others clearly saw it coming. Or at least saw signs it could happen. 

At least one retailer perhaps was dropping a hint when it pitched for people to "hoard" a little ammo last fall.

On the Don and Doug online radio program, Don Dickinson and I frequently cited warnings on ammo price and availability. Even here on the blog, I noted last July...
And let's not forget civilian ammo supplies have been spotty in recent years. Some calibers completely disappeared from store shelves (and from online merchants) for months in late 2008 and into 2009. It just makes sense for shooting sports enthusiasts to stock ahead enough to ride out those times of scant supply. If there was a possibility golf balls would be in short supply, I expect golfers would do the same.
Here's a couple more data points noted last April:
I see where a major online gun dealer now advertises Aguila .223 rifle ammo for $349.95 per 1000 round case. I recall another retailer had the same stuff for around $270 a case just four months ago.  
I also see Sportsman's Guide is selling Federal 5.56 55-grain ammo on strippers for $280 per 900 rounds. That's a good price, but it's on back order. They don't anticipate taking delivery until late October. If you'd ordered four months ago, it would have likely been delivered to your doorstep in five to seven days.
If you can find Federal 5.56 today, expect to pay at least a buck a round. Maybe more. Ditto for .223.

Ammo's just one commodity that proved the risk of trying to prepare only after a hard warning.

My intent here is not to gloat by saying we told you so. I'd rather you see data points and spot a trend for yourself before a trend goes mainstream. This is perhaps the most common theme of Don and Doug.

I invite you to check out the show if you haven't already. It's currently available exclusively through, though we may branch out into other venues in the near future.

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