Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mark Kelly reveals potential for long waiting periods in Schumer's scheme

Whether he meant to or not, it seems Gabby's hubby Mark Kelly has outed an aspect of the Chuck Schumer background check bill (S.B. 374 with amendment) that might have gone unnoticed.

Kelly, by his own admission, recently purchased an AR-15 in Arizona, but has been unable to take possession. That's because, as Breitbart reports, the store has a policy on gun trades:
According to sources, another customer either traded in or sold to Diamondback Police Supply the AR-15 Kelly later purchased. When that happens, the store puts a 20-day hold on the firearm to be sure it does not come up as stolen in a police report or show up linked to a crime in a database.
These "pawn shop" holds are common, and are required in many jurisdictions as to cut trafficking in stolen goods. Some jurisdictions require holds of 30 days. Some may be even longer.

But under the expanded scope of background checks proposed by Schumer, firearm transfers between two long acquainted subjects would apparently be subject to these lengthy waiting periods if made to go through a licensed firearms dealer. Dealers might also enact holding periods on their own to protect their licenses.

There's so much wrong with Schumer's proposed legislation that he dared not reveal the meat of it until slipping it through approval yesterday by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Democrats claimed they want serious discussion on gun control, but they seem to pursue a path seeking passage before anyone can honestly consider what's in their bills. This alone is reason enough to demand right-minded lawmakers refuse to go along with the anti-gunners' disingenuous efforts.

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