Monday, March 25, 2013

Much ado about NRA robocalls

For days now, I've been reading and hearing things from folks on the Left whining about offensive and inflammatory NRA robocalls to the Newton, Connecticut area in opposition to proposed gun bans and other controls.

Kudos to Huffington Post for putting audio of one of the calls online so we can really hear what the NRA is saying:

The NRA robocalls sound pretty straight forward. And, judging by this sample, accurately describe legislation that's proposed.

No one cries about insensitivity when Joe Biden, the father of gun free school zones, and Mike Bloomberg attempt to make Newtown and Newtown families centerpieces of their campaign for greater gun control.

Looks to me like the Left simply wants to control the public debate by silencing opposition. The Left willingly seeks to exploit Newtown families, but uses cries of insensitivity in an attempt to prevent that community from having access to both sides of the gun control debate.

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