Saturday, March 30, 2013

Obamacare and stagnation

Coyote Blog makes the case that passage of the Democrats' health care reform in 2010 was when re-surging employment suddenly chilled. Especially powerful is the post's enhanced chart based on one from the St. Louis Fed. It shows "net monthly job creation":

(Payems is Fed-speak for All Employees: Total Non-Farm)

Jogs my memory. I know people who within 30 days of Obamacare's passage were cut to part-time as their employers made "forward looking realignments." Around that time, another woman I know lost her supervisory post as her company downsized, many under her were let go or reduced to part-time. Since then, others have told me similar tales that often include a post-script that their health care coverage was eliminated in their realignment.

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