Friday, March 22, 2013

Piecemeal we go from citizenship to serfdom

Someone shot me a note touting yet another survey that claims Americans clamor for universal background checks on all firearms transfers.

Yeah, Americans want every gun sale to have a background check. Assume for a just a minute it might be true.

Americans also want their health insurance status reported to the IRS, they cheered passage of a law that makes it a requirement. And once private health care decisions are increasingly made within the confines of government controls.

Americans now have a government that wants to snoop on greater numbers of emails and other private communications with no probable cause necessary. And Americans seem okay with that.

TSA style inspections at airport boarding areas became more invasive. And are now expanding to transit stations for morning commuters or to Interstate highways where normal commerce can now be subject to roadside checkpoints. Just entering a sports venue may require a pat-down. All for our safety, of course.

Americans nodded approvingly as government monopolized the student loan industry, and steered things in a direction that makes college financially out of reach for many unless they become indebted to the state.

If you conduct commerce with another individual in the amount of $600 or more in a year, you're now supposed to generate a 1099 form for the IRS.

Take our losses of Liberty one at a time, and most Americans don't even notice. Others, failing to see the big picture, even cheer some of these government power grabs.

But there certainly is a pattern for those willing to step back and connect the dots.

The worst tyrants in history never imagined having such power and such reach. Yet bobble head Americans nod in approval as government reduces us to little more than controlled lab animals or domesticated beasts fulfilling a prescribed role on government's plantation.

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