Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reid sidetracks some gun control measures

Looks like Senate President Harry Reid doesn't want to embarrass President Obama by allowing senators to vote against the Feinstein and Schumer gun control bills. Or he may fear the Dems will lose the senate if they vote for 'em. The Hill reports Reid won't bring those measures up for a senate vote.

But there's still room for gun control to advance as several other bills, and there's still some time for back door dealing or amendments to those bills. Universal background checks and gun trafficking measures are still on the table.

Remain vigilante.

Update: A disappointed Dianne Feinstein vows to fight on, perhaps offering her so-called assault weapons ban as an amendment to the bill that does move forward. She knows the odds are against her now.

And Politico reports Chuckie Schumer is also working the backrooms looking for support and revisions that would let some form of his bill still be part of the big picture.

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