Friday, March 29, 2013

Truth in advertising

It's time for a concerted effort to make Mike Bloomberg and his so-called Mayors Against Illegal Guns disclose who their self-proclaimed TV ad gun owner is.

Who is this "gun owner"?
Courtesy: MAIG Coalition 
Is he a real gun owner? An actor?

It's time we demand the nanny state mayors come clean, and cough up a resume for their Second Amendment "advocate." The man, featured in 30 and 60 second commercials said to be running in 13 states, is being used in an attempt to shape our future, infringe on our Second Amendment and private property rights. We deserve to know more about who he really is.

Meanwhile,  there's a new dose of hypocrisy from the gun control crowd, and another Bloomberg spot is forefront there too.

Beginning last week, advocates for a Connecticut assault weapons ban and firearm magazine capacity limits cried foul when the NRA had a robocall campaign in the Newtown area notifying residents of potential legislation.

The anti-gunners claimed it was insensitive for the NRA to assault Newtown residents with what they called objectionable messages, that the community was still in recovery from the Sandy Hook shootings.

Now? Mayors Against Illegal Guns seeks to make Newtown residents relive the losses of Sandy Hook with a new commercial running in the Hartford television market that includes the Newtown community. It features family members and bios of some of those killed. For those still trying to recover emotionally from the Sandy Hook shootings, the MAIG refresher spot can turn up on their TV unannounced at any time.

From: Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition via YouTube

A straightforward legislative alert robocall from the NRA is deemed over the line, but an emotional pitch to revive and exploit the losses at Sandy Hook gets a nod from the gun control crowd. We should let Bloomberg's mayors know we object to their shameful exploitation.

If you have a mayor that's a member of MAIG, maybe they should hear from you.

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