Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Georgia senators choose to give advantage to the Dems

Democrats have been deceptive and dishonest in the framing of their push for additional gun control.

Even President Obama was caught in a gross exaggeration last week claiming before a crowd in San Francisco that a "fully automatic weapon" was used at Sandy Hook.

Now it appears Georgia's two Republican senators either aren't listening to the treachery and lies put forth by the Left, or they just don't care. Saxby Chamblis and Johnny Isakson want to help move the Democrats' slick gun control bill to the floor of the senate. The AJC reports Chambliss and Isakson will not join conservative Republicans seeking to block senate debate with a filibuster.

No shock here.

Would you really expect any different from a Republican like Chambliss, who was dining with Obama the night Rand Paul held the last filibuster, or Isakson, who was tapped by the White House to line up an additional set of Republicans to dine Obama tomorrow night?

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  1. On the issue of "gun control",the left continually demands that there is no good argument against the "reasonable" measure of the "universal background check" scheme.

    Here's an argument:

    The most vocal proponents of "gun control",such as Feinstein,have openly declared and are on record as saying that her ultimate goal is the total elimination of the right that is protected by the Second Amendment.

    "Mr. and Mrs. America turn 'em all 'in"

    Because they could not get the votes today,just as in 1995,to accomplish their ultimate agenda -total disarmament of the citizens of this nation- they are doing what they did then; taking away that right bit by bit,little by little,pushing what they can bamboozle everyone else to believe as "reasonable" now,with more of the same waiting in the wings for the next time they get a chance.

    So,whats so "reasonable" about allowing the left to continually chip away at our rights?

    They claim that their "laws" will make us safe,and keep the children safe,but in reality,what act of "gun control" since the NFA34 has actually accomplished that goal?

    Did the GCA68 and the NFA34 keep weapons -sometimes fully automatic and more oftentimes weapons like sawn off shotguns- out of the hands of criminal drug gangs during the crack-cocaine epidemic of 1980-1990?

    Did the "gun free school zone" act do anything to stop columbine or sandy hook?

    Did the Brady background check "law" keep Adam Lanza from killing his own mother to get the weapons he used?

    Did it stop Jared Loughner or James Holmes from purchasing their guns from an FFL dealer?

    So what is this new proposed infringement REALLY going to accomplish?

    What is so "reasonable" about demanding we take the same approach to a problem that has proven to be unable to solve the issue at hand,yet again?

    Will it really "make us safe" and "save the children",or is it just about the radical left being able to advance their agenda,and chip away at our rights,one little piece at a time?

    Is it really so reasonable to subject our rights to their agenda?