Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gun show fever subsiding? Spring fever a likely factor

Don Dickinson went to the gun show at the North Atlanta Trade Center in Gwinnett County on Saturday. He sends another of his semi-regular gun show reports:
The gun show was odd. 
The initial crowd was 200 yards long, half of the biggest at the same venue last time. 
By the time the show had been open for 15 minutes there was almost a steady stream of people carrying out .30 cal cans of ammo that they had bought from Georgia Arms. 
I saw people with one to as many as ten cans, and lots of people had 2-4 cans. When I got inside about 30 minutes after the show opened, the Georgia Arms tables were the only ones being mobbed.  
There was no other big ammo dealer and no components dealer. 
There were at least ten vendors selling .22LR and a few other calibers as secondary market items. It seemed to me that the going price for basic bulk and brick .22LR is .14 to .15 each. 
I saw one guy with .45 ACP for .50 and many others for much more. 9mm was available but priced at .75 to $1.00 per round. 
The crowd pretty much dried up after the first rush and the aisles were nothing close to as crowded as in the past 4-5 months. 
There was a competing show in Marietta.
Maybe the gun show crowd is starting to feel full up on guns and ammo. Or it being a sunny spring day, it's just that fewer folks chose to set out for a show they knew in advance would likely disappoint in terms of price and availability.

Since sending his initial report, Don found a report that attendance at a show in Augusta was also light. Spring weather and golf were noted as direct competitors there.

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