Friday, April 12, 2013

Newtown families transformation into a lobbying force

As Politico points out, they're embracing shrewd tactics, they have money, and in many cases the Newtown gun control families who now lobby for gun control even employ lobbyists of their own.

But while some want to be seen as independent, other Newtown activists are clearly coordinated by Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns. According to Politico, some of these family lobbyists have even been flown to DC by Barack Obama aboard Air Force One.

Politico says the Newton families have "coalesced and bonded in ways the victims of other mass tragedies have not."

I have to ask how much of the coalescence came naturally. And how much came about because political exploitation of the shooting and the victims' families began before the crime scene was cleared.   Professional advisers from the gun control camp began recruiting and coaching the families from the start. I suspect a solid flow of outside money, and perks like rides on Air Force One have also played part in pulling things together.

Would we be seeing the push we are now if Newtown families hadn't been recruited (perhaps seduced is a better term) by those with power and money from the git-go?

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