Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ongoing exploitation

The White House continues to flatter and exploit the Newtown families.

Here's part of a White House message from the prez that I found in my email today regarding his weekly radio address:
Each week, like many presidents before me, I sit down to record a short address to the nation. It's something I take very seriously because it offers a chance to bring focus to an issue that needs to be part of the national dialogue. 
But today, I've asked someone to take my place. 
Francine Wheeler is a mother. She and her family live in Newtown, Connecticut. Four months ago, her six year-old son Ben was murdered in his elementary school, along with 19 other children and six brave educators...
I think it's possible at least some of these families will eventually realize they've been used as props in a campaign to betray the Constitution and the liberties it articulates.  But it probably won't happen until the smothering and flattery from the Obama and Bloomberg camps subsides.

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