Friday, April 5, 2013

Rational discussion

A writer at Breitbart takes a look at the ongoing ammo shortage:

MYTH: Then why can’t I find ammo? What’s causing the shortage? 
FACT: We’re causing the shortage. As an employee for a major firearms retailer, I can testify we receive shipments of the three highest demand calibers (9mm, .22 LR, and .223 Rem/5.56 NATO) at least 3-5 times weekly and in quantities far exceeding our normal shipments. We see as many as 1,000 boxes of ammunition disappear in as little as four hours. 
I still suspect there's been some bumbling by the DHS over ammo contracts. Pushing for what appeared to be over-sized contracts last year may have backfired. I recall reading at least one big request for bids didn't attract any sellers.  Here's another point some overlook: At least once last year, DHS reported it was almost out of .223 rifle ammo and had to make an emergency buy.

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