Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reloading dies. Finally.

Amazon says it's about to ship a long awaited set of Lee 9mm reloading dies my way.

Lee dies via
I had a set on backorder at a large and well respected shooting sports retailer for more than a month before I put the alternative order in at Amazon. Amazon's price was higher, but free shipping countered most the difference. I placed my Amazon order less than a month ago.

The other retailer still shows backorder, with fulfillment expected sometime in June. So I cancelled the order there.

Times like these, it doesn't hurt to duplicate orders. Go with the company that ships first, then cancel the duplicate(s) on file elsewhere.

Anything in 9mm ammo priced under 50 cents a round still sells out within minutes when posted by online sellers. And my time's too precious to play the hit or miss game of camping out in Walmart or some other store hoping I'll score a box or two.

Reloading is a practical step in these times. Fortunately, I assembled most the other necessary tools and components prior to shortages getting into full swing. 9mm dies are a late add.

By the way, similar sets of dies have been selling at a hundred bucks or more on eBay for the past month or two but the prices there, while still higher than traditional retailers, seem to be coming down.  Suggests to me manufacturers are continuing to whittle down the backlog for high demand shooting related accessories.

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