Wednesday, April 10, 2013

She gets even more strange

Talkin' about Melissa Harris-Perry. She's been getting blistered for her MSNBC promo where she says parents need to give up the idea their kids belong to them. Harris-Perry says kids belong to their community. Then I saw by way of Twitter how Harris-Perry has taken to her blog, where she says, in part:
When the flood of vitriolic responses to the ad began, my first reaction was relief. I had spent the entire day grading papers and was relieved that since these children were not my responsibility, I could simply mail the students’ papers to their moms and dads to grade! But of course, that is a ridiculous notion. As a teacher, I have unique responsibilities to the students in my classroom at Tulane University, and I embrace those responsibilities. It is why I love my job.
Used to be those attending a university would have been considered adults or young adults by their professors.  I wonder how students at Tulane feel about having a professor who sees them as children. I wonder how they feel about having a prof like Harris-Perry who sees them as being part of some collectivist hive.

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