Thursday, April 11, 2013

Social Security apparently joins government's civilian disarmament push

A report out of Missouri says the state's Highway Patrol gave the feds the state's entire list of residents with concealed carry permits. The Columbia Daily Tribune outed the move with a story that says, in part:
The list was given to the Social Security Administration Office of Inspector General, (State Sen. Kurt) Schaefer said he was told. 
“Apparently from what I understand, they wanted to match up anyone who had a mental diagnosis or disability with also having a concealed carry license,” Schaefer said. “What I am told is there is no written request for that information.”
Under Missouri law, the names of firearms permit holders are supposed to be confidential. Yet the Highway Patrol acquired the data, and passed it on to the feds - without so much as a written request?

Has Social Security tried this alleged stunt in other states? If so, how many complied?

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