Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring break range report

New Glock at 20 yards
Light posting today. We took advantage of sunny skies and spring break to do a little target practice on a farm south of Atlanta near the small town of Senoia.

My wife got to try her hand with a Glock 17. Impressive groups at 20 yards for a first time out. She was fairly consistent in hitting a two-foot by two-foot steel plate at 100 yards a few minutes after warming up at 20.

The Glock handled everything we fed it with the exception of Wolf ammo. The Wolf stuff just didn't seem to have the power to completely cycle the slide. Similar steel case rounds from Russian made Brown Bear worked without fail, as did brass case ammo from S&B, Winchester "White Box," and Speer Lawman.

After wrapping up at the range, we did some quick sight-seeing in the nearby town. Most folks may not have heard of Senoia. But they may recognize the downtown facade.

Downtown Senoia is familiar to many as Woodbury in the AMC series The Walking Dead.

Historic downtown Senoia, Georgia aka Woodbury in The Walking Dead

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