Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"The Company You Keep"

In recent weeks, there's been some buzz about Robert Redford's new film, one with a story line focused on fictional members of the Weather Underground who remain at large under assumed identities until the present day. Here's part of a New York Times review:
The aging but still beautiful faces of its stars — especially those of Mr. Redford, Julie Christie and Susan Sarandon — convey an aura of tragic nobility. They portray former members of the Weather Underground, which plotted to blow up buildings in United States cities. Lem Dobbs’s clunky screenplay, adapted from Neil Gordon’s novel, maintains a scrupulously ethical balance in contemplating domestic terrorism, and the film gives the angriest of these left-wing radicals their say. If their rage has moderated, their basic feelings haven’t changed.
In a recent interview with George Stephanopoulos, Redford describes himself as "empathetic" with the radicalism of the earlier era, including the bombings. "All of it," Redford said.

Will the Boston bombings chill some of the nostalgic notions of 1960s idealism some hoped would come with Redford's new film? While Redford's film is fictionalized, the Weather Underground was real. So were the bombings it carried out.

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