Friday, April 5, 2013

Trust and lies in the gun control debate

President Obama says trust in government is a cornerstone in the effort to enact gun control. He claims those trying to stir distrust are twisting the facts in the gun control debate. But when the president attempted to exploit police officers as props at a Denver photo op, Secret Service made sure they had their guns taken away before getting close to the president. Hardly a gesture of trust.

David Codrea also notes having officers surrender weapons was a likely violation of department policy.

And how can we trust a president who strays from facts in his gun control road show? One glaring example came this week in San Francisco. The president emphasized at a fundraiser that a "fully automatic weapon" was used to carry out the killing at Sandy Hook.

The misstatement was big enough for Jake Tapper at CNN to notice. And Tapper notes Mr. Obama isn't the only major gun control advocate who comes off clueless or misleading about full auto arms.

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