Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Turning gun owners into felons

There's much danger in the gun control bill our two Georgia senators seem eager to see advanced for debate in Washington DC.

National Review Online notes:
Public-opinion polls about “universal background checks” for gun sales show widespread support. While President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg talk about “gun sales,” the actual legislation moving through Congress aims to regulate far more than sales. It would turn almost every gun owner into a felon. The trick is that the language under consideration applies not only to sales but also to “transfers,” which are defined to include innocent activities such as letting your spouse borrow your gun for a few hours.
Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson act like a couple of moths drawn to a flame here. Why would any thinking person want anything to do with moving a bill like this foward, even if only for "debate"?

I also recommend those living outside Georgia find out where their senators stand on SB 649 and regardless of where they stand, let them know where you do. There's way too much danger packed inside SB 649 to sit by silently while this one is allowed to slip forward.

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